Cleaning Tips to Prepare for the Holidays

The holiday season has arrived, and you will soon be welcoming both friends and family into your home to celebrate. Before everyone arrives, cleaning and organizing are essential. The following tips will help you to quickly get everything in order.

Clean Out Closets
Many people clean their closets during the spring season, but late fall is another excellent time to sort through your clothing and accessories. Anything that is old, out of style, or has not been worn in a while can be donated to a local charity. This will not only make more space for you, but it will also help other people to have a happy holiday. In your children’s closets, look for toys and outgrown clothes that can be given away.

Set a Reasonable Pace
If you have a large home, tackling the holiday cleaning in short bursts will prevent exhaustion. Start with the areas that are not normally done, such as dusty ledges, corners, and under beds, then move on to the typical routine. Placing baskets in each room will allow you to toss in out-of-place items and put them away properly. Stop and rest if you start feeling tired. You do not need to finish the job in a day. Consider hiring help such as a Melbourne, FL carpet cleaner.

Arrange the Holiday Decor
When you have completed cleaning the bathrooms, making up the beds, and wiping down the kitchen, you can start on the holiday decor. Choose a spot for the Christmas tree and arrange the furniture to complement it. Put out colorful throw blankets and holiday towels. Clean the fireplace so that it will be ready for the Yule log. A table cloth and napkins will set the tone for an attractive holiday table.

Let the Kids Help
Even if your children are small, they can assist you in preparing your home for the holidays. Assign them tasks they can easily complete and reward them with some extra allowance. Play cheerful music and sing along together while you work. When everything is done, you can bake cookies, make some hot chocolate and enjoy a movie or two before people start arriving.

The holiday season is often hectic, and you may feel overwhelmed thinking about the shopping, entertaining, and holiday cleaning. By following the tips above and not overdoing it, you will soon have a sparkling house that is warm and inviting for both you and your guests.