Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Easy Steps to a Spring Cleaned House

The best tips I know for spring cleaning are fairly easy and simple for anyone. I like to start by picking one room to focus on first, I usually pick an easy room like the living room. I start by picking up everything that doesn’t belong in there like the toys from my children and then I get right into it and start dusting from high to low. For high areas such as a ceiling fan I would recommend using a webster. With spring cleaning it is easy to want to go fast and use a feather duster but I find that if you use a damp cloth it helps get more dust and keep the dust away longer. When cleaning the blinds in your home I find soaking them first helps make it easier to wipe them down.

Once I finish the dusting I move onto getting rid of anything I no longer use or that is taking up a lot of space. I lift up or move the couches and clean under them finding lost things or getting rid of things that got lost and I no longer use. Then I straighten up and reorganize anything that I am keeping on my shelves and I skip the floors until the very end and I will tell you why when we get to it. I continue to do this for all rooms but giving more attention to the bedrooms with pairing down old clothes and old toys.

A tip for pairing down clothes and toys is hold the item in your hand and ask yourself if you gain joy or happiness from the item you are holding, if you do then you should keep it but if not then it might be time to say goodbye.

Another big tip I have is although you may want to get all the cleaning done in one day, if your house is fairly large then, I find that breaking the rooms up into a few days makes it easier to handle.

Now after all the rooms are dusted and reorganized I like to move onto all the floors and I feel this saves time than taking out the broom or vacuum for every room. I like to sweep all the hard surfaces into piles by the carpeted areas so then when I’m vacuuming I just suck up the piles as I go and there is no need to stop.

At the very end I like to carpet clean every room and mop all my hard surfaces. I feel these tips save me time and effort in my spring cleaning and I hope they help you too.

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