Things You Should Do Before Moving Into Your New Home

Before the New Home Move, Here are Some Things to do
When moving into a different house, there are many different things to consider. We often think that packing and unpacking is the hardest thing to do when moving, but it’s what you have to do later that makes the process more difficult.


Below you will find steps you can use to assist you in going through this process.

Walkthrough the house
There’s no more opportune moment to do a full walkthrough of the house than when it’s empty. So before unpacking your furniture, take a stroll around the house. You can also use the opportunity to double-check that the previous owners did all requested repairs, everything offered in the sale’s agreement is in your house, and all outlets, fixtures, and switches are working.

If there are issues that go against the contract agreement, call your broker and let them know.

Decide what goes where
You can spare yourself a lot of trouble if you decide early on where you should put different furniture, especially for big pieces that can’t easily move. Give yourself some time to consider it before moving in.

Ensure utilities are installed up properly
You should ensure you set up all your utilities in your house before moving in; this is not the time to ensure everything is working properly. Confirm that your gas, cooling, heating, and other utilities are properly set up.

Locate your circuit box and water box
Locating your water valve and fuse box before commencing everything. It’s better to know where they are before problems arise.

Do an extensive clean of the house
The ultimate thing you want to do after unpacking is purifying the house, but it’s the best thing to do at that time. If you don’t have the opportunity to do it, then you can hire an expert cleaner.

Changing your locks
It is best to replace your locks after moving in. Even though you might not be worried about the past owners, you don’t know who else had a key. In this area, it’s best to be secured than not. Schedule a time for the locksmith to come to change all the locks and install high-security¬†locks. Re-key all the interior doors to assist you in keeping yourself safe.

Changing your address
You should go ahead and set up a change of residence at your post office. You should also notify your relatives, subscription services, loan providers, and other essential places of your address change. If you change the state you live in; you should notify your motor vehicle department to arrange for new vehicle registration and driver’s license.